2016 – The Year in Review

2016 – The Year in Review

Children participating in the HUB Learn2Ride program at the 2016 MEC Langley BikeFest.


2016was a very exciting and busy year for the members of the HUB Langley Committee.

We've been extremely fortunate to have had opportunity to meet and work with a lot of very passionate and dedicated people in both the City of Langley and the Township of Langley (and a few other municipalities) who want to see better cycling infrastructure and are working hard to casino spiele kostenlos.

Here are a few of the highlights and accomplishments of 2016:


  • The year started off on a sad note as City of Langley Councillor Dave Hall, an avid transportation cyclist and staunch supporter of cycling in Langley succumbed to a fight with cancer on January 4th. A few weeks previous he had resigned from council. Councillor Hall very much encouraged the efforts of the HUB Committee and he will be greatly missed by all.
  • Had our first ever meeting with Township of Langley Engineering.
  • We had our first meeting with the Langley District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC).


  • We received notification that we were awarded a City of Langley Community Grant for which we had previously applied. The funding allowed our committee to offer a HUB Learn2Ride program at the 2016 MEC Langley Bikefest. A huge thank you to the City of Langley for their generosity as it helped us to get bike safety training to 42 children. 
  • Attended our first stakeholder meeting with the City of Langley to discuss the 203rd Street Project.
  • We provided our first letter of support to the City of Langley for upcoming work on the 203rd Street Project.
  • Moreno Zanotto gives a presentation about BikeMaps.org at our monthly meeting.


  • Provided the City of Langley with a letter of support for the 48th Avenue project.
  • Committee purchases action camera to use with Road Assessment Rides.


  • We ask the City of Surrey to host a tri-municipal meeting with engineering departments from Surrey, City of Langley, and the Township of Langley. It's the first time in history that the engineering departments from all three cities meet together at the same time. The meeting is a huge success and opens a dialogue about cycling connectivity between the three municipalities.
  • We conduct our Committee's first ever Road Assessment Ride - 203rd Street from Michaud Crescent to Grade Crescent.
  • Our first ever meeting with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (216th Interchange Project).
  • Provide letter of support to the Township of Langley for funding for the Northeast Langley Connector Project.


  • Met with Township of Langley engineering to discuss improvements to cycling around West Langley Elementary School as well as 208th Street connectivity.


  • Our committee hosted a HUB Learn2Ride program for children between the ages of 8 - 12 at the MEC Langley Bikefest. 42 kids participated on what turned out to be a blistering hot day. More info is posted on our blog.
  • Hosted a joint Bike to Work Week station at the Golden Ears Bridge with the Maple Ridge and Surrey committees.
  • Attended the Township of Langley Public Engagement Charter Open House.


  • Dan and Stan presenting at Council Meeting

    Dan and Stan presenting at Council Meeting

    It is brought to our attention that the construction of bike lanes on 32nd Avenue in Aldergrove have been stopped due to resident complaints. Our committee discusses strategies on how to proceed.
  • We appear as a delegation at a Township of Langley council meeting to explain the importance of the 32nd Avenue route regionally and locally. Council votes to suspend construction of bike lanes until a public meeting can be held.
  • We initiate an email and social media campaign. In three days 36 letters of support from cyclists are sent to the Township of Langley.
  • The committee does a Road Assessment Ride of Glover Road between Douglas Crescent and Langley Bypass.


  • HUB Volunteer Appreciation Picnic at Stanley Park.
  • Construction upgrades start on 203rd Street.


  • Members of our committee attended the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place Conference in Vancouver.
  • HUB Langley Committee has an information booth at the BC Rivers Day Festival at Derek Doubleday Park.
  • Attended Public Information Session about 32nd Avenue bike lanes in Aldergrove.
  • We perform another email and social media campaign to encourage cyclists to submit a completed questionnaire for the 32nd Avenue bike lane project. Approximately 50 cyclists submit questionnaires and letters in support of the bike lanes.


  • The committee provides letters of support to the City of Langley for funding for the 53rd Avenue and 202nd Street projects.
  • Met with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to further discuss the 216th Street Interchange. We previously asked for the design to be changed to have multi-use paths on both sides of overpass (instead of only one side) -- MoTI agrees to change design and invite us to work with them on road markings, way finding, and signage.
  • We discuss at our monthly meeting and agree to develop and host Cycling Infrastructure Tours in 2017. These tours will be specifically designed to provide education and to showcase good cycling infrastructure and will be designed with a focus toward community decision makers.


  • Met with Surrey Engineering to discuss the Cycling Infrastructure Tours. The City of Surrey Engineering agrees to partner with our committee to host the tours and to showcase their infrastructure.
  • Township of Langley Engineering submits report with recommendations to council regarding 32nd Avenue bike lanes.


  • Depiction of completed cycling lanes on 32nd Avenue.

    Depiction of completed cycling lanes on 32nd Avenue.

    HUB Volunteer Christmas Party in Vancouver.
  • Provided City of Langley with letter of support for funding for Glover Road cycling improvements.
  • HUB Langley Committee presents as a delegation at the December Township of Langley council meeting.
  • Township of Langley council votes in favour of continuing bike lanes on 32nd Avenue in Aldergrove.

I'd like to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone who participated and supported the HUB Langley Committee -- your input and hard work is very much appreciated and contributed to the success that we experienced this past year. A huge tip of the hat to all the hard working folks at HUB's head office -- your guidance and support has assisted our committee in ways that we can't express. I'd especially like to thank Tony Bisig, Mitchell and Katherine Nurse, Aven and Reed Poynter, Stanley Yntema, and Michael Ge for the tireless commitment that you've given to make this committee a good one.

Although we're relatively new to the community, the HUB Langley Committee has been welcomed by local government officials and staff. It has been very encouraging working with the municipalities and community groups and we look forward to another year of striving to make Langley a better place to get around on a bicycle.

Ride safe and have a great 2017.

Submitted by Dan Millsip, HUB Langley Committee Chair

Bike lanes on 32nd Avenue are a priority that must be addressed

Bike lanes on 32nd Avenue are a priority that must be addressed

Families and cyclists in Aldergrove are urging the Township of Langley to proceed with the introduction of new bike lanes which would create a safe and direct route through the area.

Earlier this year, the construction of much-needed bike lanes began on Aldergrove’s 32nd Avenue were quickly put on hold due to residents’ concerns about it leading to a lack of parking.

Removal of the centre line on the road had already taken place and the project, which was approved by council in 2013, was due to start in earnest over the Canada Day weekend before being halted at the last minute to allow for an extended public consultation.

The lanes, which the Township of Langley marked as the second highest priority in their Five Year Cycling Improvement Plan, are a vital component of the 37km Fraser Highway which would create a direct cycle route between the cities of Surrey and Abbotsford.

Some local residents have tried to put a stop to the plans as they oppose the removal of 97 parking stalls to make space for the lanes. Surveys by the Township’s engineers have shown that even with the addition of the bike route, on average 70% of stalls would be free at any one time.

By creating the lanes, the Township of Langley hoped to create a sustainable and safe route that would lead to reduced congestion and vehicle emissions, as well as encouraging more people in the area to bike or walk.

“We need safe passage for cyclists of all ages around the dangerous section of Fraser Highway in Downtown Aldergrove.” – Heath MacKenzie, owner, Cranky’s Bike Shop.

Local cyclists fear that if the council reneges on the plans it could have a significant impact on the area. Dan Millsip, Chair of HUB Cycling’s Langley Committee which advocates for better bike infrastructure, said: There is a need for a focusing on direct and connective routes in Langley and the Metro Vancouver region.

With the plans now in jeopardy, other potential solutions such as ‘Share the Road’ signs have been proposed but research has shown these provide no safety benefits and in many cases increase conflict between cyclists and drivers.

The Township of Langley Engineering Department has submitted an updated report to Council about the plans which council will put to vote on Monday, December 12. If you would like to comment on the plans, you can do so by emailing mayorcouncil@tol.ca.

This letter from HUB Cycling was submitted to local newspapers in early December, prior to the December 12 council meeting.

2015: The Year in Review

It's been a really busy and productive first year for the HUB Langley Committee. We've met some fantastic people on our short journey and would like to extend a thank you to all of you who have supported the efforts to improve cycling in Langley.

Some of the 2015 highlights include:

  • Since formally becoming a committee of HUB:Cycling in May, we've reached out to all corners of Langley and have made connections with cycling groups, event organizers, engineering and planning departments, council members, and community stakeholders such as local and district Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), Langley Seniors Centre, Fraser Health, Langley School Board, as well as with engineering and planning departments from outside Langley.
  • We identified and categorized the important bike corridor routes in Langley as part of the HUB UngaptheMap initiate to connect the entire Metro Vancouver region with cycling lanes.
  • We've collaborated with the HUB Surrey Committee and are working on a cycling route between Cloverdale and downtown Langley City. We'll be telling you much more about this project as the new year progresses.
  • HUB conducted a Learn2Ride bicycle training program at West Langley Elementary School in September and nearly 200 children in grades 3 - 5 received comprehensive training about how to ride bicycles safely in the community. Following this training, our committee has been working with the staff and PAC at West Langley Elementary as well as with a professor from Trinity Western University (who recently did a transportation study on the school) to find ways to increase the number of children riding bikes to school each day. This is an ongoing project that we're certain will see positive results.
  • This past year brought us good news that the BC Provincial government provided funding to rebuild the 203rd Street bridge over the Nicomekl River which will include the addition of bicycle lanes. Shortly after hearing that good news, the Provincial government awarded the city with another $440,000 to make bicycle specific infrastructure improvements on 203rd Street from Michaud Crescent to Grade Crescent. This is an important segment of a cycling route that we in the HUB Langley Committee see as a vital future corridor for cycling from the Golden Ears Bridge through to south Langley.
  • The City of Langley recently informed us that HUB Langley is a recognized stakeholder in the 203rd Street project.

I'd like to send out much gratitude and introduce everyone to HUB Langley Committee members Stanley Ynetma and Michael Ge for all the hard work and dedication that they've put into helping get the HUB Langley Committee off the ground. Stan is a City Planner and Michael is a Transportation Engineer - their input and expertise has been invaluable.

It's been a great start up year for our committee and we're looking forward with excitement to continuing working and collaborating with others in the community in 2016 to make Langley a great place to ride a bike.

See you at a monthly meeting soon!

Thank you,

Dan Millsip
HUB Langley Committee Chair

Working towards better cycling in Langley

Working towards better cycling in Langley

Welcome to HUB Langley

We've got some great cycling destinations in Langley and we're really excited about working with our local councils, engineering and planning departments, and cyclists just like you.

We'll be working to build better and safer infrastructure and to provide education to cyclists of all ages in Langley.

Our committee officially became a part of HUB in May of 2015 and in those past six months we have made substantial progress in expanding our network of relationships with people in our community who influence the cycling community.

We've now got nearly 180 email HUB Langley supporters on our email list and the support we've received from the community so far has been extremely encouraging. Sign up for our mail list to be kept up to date with new happenings.

Working with Langley Schools

After a successful HUB Learn2Ride bicycle training program for grades 3 to 5 at West Langley Elementary School in Walnut Grove, we are further collaborating with the school staff, the local Parent Advisory Council, and the Township of Langley to improve infrastructure and safety in the school catchment area and to increase the numbers of students riding bikes over the next year. We'll keep you posted as to our progress.

Ungapping the Map!

Over the past months the HUB Langley Committee has been looking at several prospective bike routes throughout the City of Langley and the Township of Langley and have determined the major UnGapTheMap segments that will tie the Metro Vancouver area together. Focusing on transportation routes we have identified the following routes as essential to the transportation cycling network:

Golden Ears Bridge to South Langley: This is an extremely important 17 kilometre corridor that will effectively provide access from the Golden Ears bridge, through Walnut Grove, Willoughby, Langley City, Brookswood and beyond to south Langley. From Golden Ears bridge, the route is along 96th Avenue to 208th, then south through Walnut Grove, over Hwy 1 to Willoughby continuing on 208th to Langley City where the route follows the Willoughby Connector to 204th  Avenue and over the Langley Bypass overpass and on to 203rd in Langley City and then continues south to Grade Crescent where the route winds through a few residential streets and across the BC Hydro right of way before continuing on 204th to 36th Avenue at Noel Booth Park.

96th Avenue: Another important route that connects travelers from the Surrey border and the Golden Ears bridge to Langley and Fort Langley.

Fraser Highway: There is currently a significant gap along the Fraser Hwy through most of Langley City. We have identified this route as an extremely high priority and are working to find solutions that will work for all modes of transportation.

Glover Road: An important route connecting the City of Langley to Fort Langley. This route also provides access to two post secondary institutions; Trinity Western University in Langley Township and Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the City of Langley. The route is already popular with sport riders and commuter cyclists riding from Langley City to Fort Langley.

Cloverdale to Langley City: We've been working with the HUB Surrey Committee to define a route that will connect the two city centres without the need to climb the steep hill between the two. The proposed route follows a primarily flat route through some neighbourhood roads, past Brydon Lagoon and winds its way along 55th, 54th, and 53rd Avenues to the intersection of Fraser Hwy at 180th Street. From there it meanders through quiet residential roads to the downtown core of Cloverdale. The route makes for an enjoyable afternoon ride.

We'd like to hear what you have to say about these routes or anything related to cycling in Langley.

Get Involved!

People helping out in the community is what makes living in Langley great. If you'd like to get involved with HUB Langley we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at langley@bikehub.ca or drop us a line on our Contact Page.

We’ve got a website!

We’ve got a website!

In order to server the members of the community better we've developed a website with some useful information for cyclists.

Want to find a local bike shop? Or find a map to show you where bike routes are? Perhaps you'd like to report a problem on one of your routes? Or find out when local events and HUB Langley meetings are happening? These features and more are on our new website.

To keep you informed, our blog will be updated regularly with detailed information of our challenges and successes as well as news that relates to cycling in Langley.

We'd like to send out a big thank you to BC artist and avid cyclist, Elsa Bluethner for supplying us with the fabulously fun family of bike riders who are traveling along the bottom of each page of the site. You can find out more about Elsa's fine art at bluethnerfineart.com

For daily updates of cycling related information, be sure to join us on our facebook page for some great discussion about issues that pertain to Langley and cycling.