A Fabulous Day at the MEC Langley Bikefest!

A Fabulous Day at the MEC Langley Bikefest!

42 kids, a bunch of bikes, fresh popcorn, sunshine, and a whole lot of fun

Sunday, June 5th was our first HUB Langley Committee public event and I'm happy to report that it went very well.

The Plan

The idea to get involved with the MEC Langley Bikefest started last year when our committee had an information tent at the 2015 Bikefest -- it was a great opportunity to meet people in the community and talk about bikes and cycling. Since then, MEC has generously invited us back on several occasions to have an information table in the store which has enabled us to reach out to many people who support casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung und ohne download.

We wanted to make a bigger contribution to the event this year so last December when an email newsletter from the City of Langley was received that had an article about applications being accepted for the City's Community Grant Program, ideas immediately began forming.

Kids getting an introduction to bike safety

Kids getting an introduction to bike safety

The next stop was to MEC in Langley to see if the store wanted to have the Learn2Ride program at the Bikefest and if so, we'd look at what it would take to make it work and then submit an application for the Community Grant Program. Word came back from MEC Head Office -- we got permission and were good to begin organizing our first HUB Langley/MEC Bikefest Learn to Ride Program. Lots of calls and emails between the HUB Langley Committee, HUB Headquarters, MEC, Envision Financial, insurance agents, and instructors and we were on our way -- the wheels were turning.

We were fortunate that the City of Langley selected our application for a community grant and awarded us with $1000 which paid for the majority of our costs to bring instructors, a few loaner bikes, and pay for insurance for the day.

Working with MEC to plan the event has been a huge pleasure and all the staff and management there are great to work with. Rafael, our main Bikefest contact was on top of things from the onset, making sure that details for the day were taken care of well ahead of time. A manager change occurred at the store while we were in the process of making plans and both past manager, Karen and present manager, Khrista were terrific as were staff members Kathy and Ardeen, who both helped with some of final arrangements.

We learned that Envision Financial has a Tent and Popcorn Machine program for non-profit organizations and since our event qualified, we applied for both. There were no tents available for the day but we were given the use of a popcorn machine including all the popcorn and bags that we would need. The popcorn was a big hit and made a great snack along with ice cold water and flavoured drinks that MEC provided.

The Promotion

To promote the Learn2Ride program we had signs at the MEC Langley store along with sign-up sheets at the event table for a few weeks before the Bikefest. Our website was updated with information about the event, and an online form was created for signing up. But a week and a half before the event we found that we weren't getting any responses. We made new signs and put them on the MEC check out counters and figured that surely, this will work as every person making a purchase can't help but read about it. Still no sign-ups. We had been posting about the event on Facebook and on our website but registration just wasn't happening and we couldn't figure out why -- maybe people have other stuff on the go, maybe they don't want to commit until they know what the weather is doing, maybe it was something entirely different.

We were now at Monday, less than week before the event and we had only 2 sign-ups. Only 2! We contacted a few local schools and spoke to the principals who agreed to send out flyers out to all the students at their schools aged 8-12. On short notice we managed to call a few schools, get flyers designed, printed, distributed to the schools, and handed out to 700 kids. Thanks to Douglas Park Elementary, Langley Meadows Elementary, and West Langley Elementary schools for helping us to promote the event!

Because you can't be too cool when you're riding a bike.

Because you can't be too cool when you're riding a bike.

On Tuesday morning the flyers had been dropped off at the schools and would be sent home with kids on either Wednesday or Thursday. Still wanting to do more I considered other options and decided to give Facebook a shot. I clicked on the "Boost Post" button for our Facebook post and started a promotion campaign. I was able to focus on the target demographic by age, location, interests (and more). I entered my credit card information and clicked on the go button and waited. Nothing. More waiting. More nothing. Heck, an hour had gone by already and only a few more clicks on the post than before the paid promotion. Maybe I'm too impatient. I should go for a bike ride.

I return a couple of hours later from my ride and am happy in the increase in activity on our Facebook page. The ad has been seen by some 400 people and we'd gotten a few likes on our Facebook page. I fine tune the demographic reach and wait. More results -- and more interaction, a few more likes on our page -- more clicks to our website -- and a few more sign-ups. We're now at ten sign-ups and it's only Wednesday evening -- there are still three more days to go. I relax a bit.

By late Thursday afternoon we've got 14 kids signed up but in the evening things got interesting. My fine tuning of the Facebook demographic seemed to be working, we're now at more than 8,000 post views and for a while sign-ups are coming in at a rate of 2 or 3 a minute. As I'm entering the data into a spreadsheet my email is dinging with another sign-up. And then another. By midnight Friday we had over 40 kids signed up! Nearly 50 had signed up by Saturday night and by 10:00am on Sunday we had a total of 56 kids signed up! We didn't quite reach our goal (and maximum) of 60 kids but we were pretty close.

The Big Day

We arrived at MEC at 8:30am and the fellows delivering the popcorn machine were already there and we give them a hand to unload the machine. MEC staff had brought out tents and were setting them up for ourselves and for the St John's Ambulance first aid attendants that MEC saw to have on hand. Having first aid attendants handy turned out to be a good thing as later in the day one tyke fell and scraped his knee -- nothing serious at all but it was nice to have the medical attendants close by. Our instructors arrived in their car-share van promptly at 9:30am, an hour before the first class and begin setting up the course. Tables and chairs are brought out, sunscreen is slathered on, the popcorn machine is plugged in and popping, and we're ready to roll as we approach ten o'clock. Kids began arriving shortly after 10:00 and by 10:30 everyone was booked in, photo releases signed, and the first class was ready to start.

Stop. Signal. Go.

Stop. Signal. Go.

It was quite warm in the morning with not a lot of air movement. The instructors paused the class after each segment and the kids all had a break for a few minutes to get a drink and a popcorn snack before resuming with the lessons. Kudos to instructors Donna and Ben for their concern about keeping the kids well hydrated. Several parents offered to lend a hand and participated by helping at the stations and ensured that the kids were riding correctly. Smiles were everywhere.

The first two sessions went off without a hitch and only a few people who registered not showing up. The last afternoon session, which had the largest booking -- 23 kids in all, turned out to be our least attended session as 11 of the kids were no-shows. We suspect this was because of the weather. With temps in the range of 32 degrees it was definitely one of the hottest days of the year so far and we figure that parents were likely with their kids at soccer or baseball games all morning and decided it was just too darned hot to be standing on pavement watching their kids riding bikes in the afternoon.

The kids (and parents) who did show up for the last session did have a great time despite the heat and the instructors wisely worked in a couple more hydration breaks with rests in a shady spot.

We had a few HUB Langley committee members help out on the day -- special thanks to Aven and Tony for being there, and to Geraldine for stopping by in the afternoon. We also had a nice visit from one of the Township of Langley engineers and West Langley Elementary  Principal, Mr. Oliver stopped by to see how things were going as well.

High five! Practice for one handed riding.

High five! Practice for one handed riding.

In all, our first event in Langley was a huge success and there are 42 kids who are now a bit more street savvy with a few more of the skills necessary to become responsible cyclists in our community.

A big thank you goes out to all the parents who showed up with their kids -- we're glad that you could make it! And an extra thanks to the parents who helped our instructors with the stations.

Another thank you to the dedicated and passionate members of the HUB Langley Committee and to the staff at HUB Headquarters who were involved in the preparation -- you all rock.

And of course a huge tip of the hat to MEC, Envision Financial, and especially to the City of Langley -- without your support this could not have happened.

On behalf of the HUB Langley Committee I would like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to everyone involved for the opportunity to contribute to our community.

If you attended the event or just have something to say about it, please leave a comment below.

Ride safe,

Dan Millsip,
HUB Langley Chair, 2016

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the following who have made it possible for HUB Langley's participation in the MEC Bikefest:

2015: The Year in Review

It's been a really busy and productive first year for the HUB Langley Committee. We've met some fantastic people on our short journey and would like to extend a thank you to all of you who have supported the efforts to improve cycling in Langley.

Some of the 2015 highlights include:

  • Since formally becoming a committee of HUB:Cycling in May, we've reached out to all corners of Langley and have made connections with cycling groups, event organizers, engineering and planning departments, council members, and community stakeholders such as local and district Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), Langley Seniors Centre, Fraser Health, Langley School Board, as well as with engineering and planning departments from outside Langley.
  • We identified and categorized the important bike corridor routes in Langley as part of the HUB UngaptheMap initiate to connect the entire Metro Vancouver region with cycling lanes.
  • We've collaborated with the HUB Surrey Committee and are working on a cycling route between Cloverdale and downtown Langley City. We'll be telling you much more about this project as the new year progresses.
  • HUB conducted a Learn2Ride bicycle training program at West Langley Elementary School in September and nearly 200 children in grades 3 - 5 received comprehensive training about how to ride bicycles safely in the community. Following this training, our committee has been working with the staff and PAC at West Langley Elementary as well as with a professor from Trinity Western University (who recently did a transportation study on the school) to find ways to increase the number of children riding bikes to school each day. This is an ongoing project that we're certain will see positive results.
  • This past year brought us good news that the BC Provincial government provided funding to rebuild the 203rd Street bridge over the Nicomekl River which will include the addition of bicycle lanes. Shortly after hearing that good news, the Provincial government awarded the city with another $440,000 to make bicycle specific infrastructure improvements on 203rd Street from Michaud Crescent to Grade Crescent. This is an important segment of a cycling route that we in the HUB Langley Committee see as a vital future corridor for cycling from the Golden Ears Bridge through to south Langley.
  • The City of Langley recently informed us that HUB Langley is a recognized stakeholder in the 203rd Street project.

I'd like to send out much gratitude and introduce everyone to HUB Langley Committee members Stanley Ynetma and Michael Ge for all the hard work and dedication that they've put into helping get the HUB Langley Committee off the ground. Stan is a City Planner and Michael is a Transportation Engineer - their input and expertise has been invaluable.

It's been a great start up year for our committee and we're looking forward with excitement to continuing working and collaborating with others in the community in 2016 to make Langley a great place to ride a bike.

See you at a monthly meeting soon!

Thank you,

Dan Millsip
HUB Langley Committee Chair

Working towards better cycling in Langley

Working towards better cycling in Langley

Welcome to HUB Langley

We've got some great cycling destinations in Langley and we're really excited about working with our local councils, engineering and planning departments, and cyclists just like you.

We'll be working to build better and safer infrastructure and to provide education to cyclists of all ages in Langley.

Our committee officially became a part of HUB in May of 2015 and in those past six months we have made substantial progress in expanding our network of relationships with people in our community who influence the cycling community.

We've now got nearly 180 email HUB Langley supporters on our email list and the support we've received from the community so far has been extremely encouraging. Sign up for our mail list to be kept up to date with new happenings.

Working with Langley Schools

After a successful HUB Learn2Ride bicycle training program for grades 3 to 5 at West Langley Elementary School in Walnut Grove, we are further collaborating with the school staff, the local Parent Advisory Council, and the Township of Langley to improve infrastructure and safety in the school catchment area and to increase the numbers of students riding bikes over the next year. We'll keep you posted as to our progress.

Ungapping the Map!

Over the past months the HUB Langley Committee has been looking at several prospective bike routes throughout the City of Langley and the Township of Langley and have determined the major UnGapTheMap segments that will tie the Metro Vancouver area together. Focusing on transportation routes we have identified the following routes as essential to the transportation cycling network:

Golden Ears Bridge to South Langley: This is an extremely important 17 kilometre corridor that will effectively provide access from the Golden Ears bridge, through Walnut Grove, Willoughby, Langley City, Brookswood and beyond to south Langley. From Golden Ears bridge, the route is along 96th Avenue to 208th, then south through Walnut Grove, over Hwy 1 to Willoughby continuing on 208th to Langley City where the route follows the Willoughby Connector to 204th  Avenue and over the Langley Bypass overpass and on to 203rd in Langley City and then continues south to Grade Crescent where the route winds through a few residential streets and across the BC Hydro right of way before continuing on 204th to 36th Avenue at Noel Booth Park.

96th Avenue: Another important route that connects travelers from the Surrey border and the Golden Ears bridge to Langley and Fort Langley.

Fraser Highway: There is currently a significant gap along the Fraser Hwy through most of Langley City. We have identified this route as an extremely high priority and are working to find solutions that will work for all modes of transportation.

Glover Road: An important route connecting the City of Langley to Fort Langley. This route also provides access to two post secondary institutions; Trinity Western University in Langley Township and Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the City of Langley. The route is already popular with sport riders and commuter cyclists riding from Langley City to Fort Langley.

Cloverdale to Langley City: We've been working with the HUB Surrey Committee to define a route that will connect the two city centres without the need to climb the steep hill between the two. The proposed route follows a primarily flat route through some neighbourhood roads, past Brydon Lagoon and winds its way along 55th, 54th, and 53rd Avenues to the intersection of Fraser Hwy at 180th Street. From there it meanders through quiet residential roads to the downtown core of Cloverdale. The route makes for an enjoyable afternoon ride.

We'd like to hear what you have to say about these routes or anything related to cycling in Langley.

Get Involved!

People helping out in the community is what makes living in Langley great. If you'd like to get involved with HUB Langley we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at langley@bikehub.ca or drop us a line on our Contact Page.